National SLAM Day will return in 2013! 

Keep Saturday 23rd February 2013 free to celebrate live music across Australia.
Venues and musicians can register their National SLAM Day gigs shortly.
Registrations open Wednesday 12th December – registration is free!


Get out and enjoy Live Music in a Small Venue near you on February 23rd, check out our SLAM DAY GIG GUIDE here.

Paul Kelly at the SLAM Rally, February 2010

“You don’t learn how to write a song at school, you don’t do a Tafe course on how to play in front of an audience, small venues were my university. I still go to music pubs and cafes all the time to do some study…a refresher course”
Paul Kelly, SLAM Rally speech 2010

With National SLAM Day coming up, we asked some of our friends the question
“What does live music in small venues mean to you?”

What does live music in small venues mean to you?

[img src=]Kimbra
[img src=]Dan Kelly
[img src=]Adalita
[img src=]Mick Thomas
[img src=]Sophia Brous
[img src=]Wally Meanie
[img src=]Jimmy Tait
[img src=]Super Wild Horses
[img src=]The Beat Disease
[img src=]The Spazzys
[img src=]Wally Meanie
[img src=]Helen Marcou and Quincy Mclean.
[img src=]Money For Rope
[img src=]it's the mighty 'GRAVEYARD TRAIN' !!
[img src=]The Teenage Libid0 Collective
[img src=]Tim Rogers, most elegant SLAM rally speech maker tells us 'why live music is so important to him'
[img src=]Regurgitator give us their take on sex, drugs and rock'n'roll in small venues.
[img src=]Alexander Gow from 'Oh Mercy'
[img src=]Davey Lane of 'YOU AM I' and Wit from 'SPIDERBAIT' !
[img src=]Father & daughter team!! The Howards from the Palace
[img src=]Dugald from Rockwiz
[img src=]Some cheeky stage divin from the Northeast Party House
[img src=]Jess Cornelius from 'Teeth & Tongue'
[img src=]Missy Higgins
[img src=]Dugald from Rockwiz
[img src=]Peter Luscombe (RocKwiz Orkestra)
[img src=]Brian Nankervis
[img src=]Henry Wagons
[img src=]What about you, Rebecca Barnard? Live music in small venues, what does it mean to you?
[img src=]Josh Pyke
[img src=]hey Queensland, Ben salter says about live music.....
[img src=]Patience Hodgson (The Grates)
[img src=]Lanie Lane
[img src=]Lanie Lane
[img src=]The Nymphs
[img src=]Dan Luscombe (The Drones)
[img src=]James Black (RocKwiz Orkestra, The Black Sorrows)
[img src=]James Black (RocKwiz Orkestra, The Black Sorrows)

On 23rd February 2010, the SLAM rally saw 20,000 people march through Melbourne to the tune of AC/DC’s definitive ‘Long Way to the Top’, in protest against the Victorian Government’s misguided policy link between live music and violence.  Out on the streets of our city, we showed our support and love for a truly great live music community. The SLAM rally was the largest cultural protest in Australia’s history. Now all of Australia has the opportunity to participate in a national event that celebrates our local musicians in our small venues.

Music communities around Australia are invited to unite in support of our thriving live culture by hosting their own National SLAM Day gigs.

On Thursday 23rd February 2012, support your local artists and venues by getting out and experiencing the spontaneous excitement and intimacy you only get at a small venue.

Support a National SLAM Day event in your town – any style, any genre.  It’s easy to get involved:

  • Venues can register their gigs HERE.  It’s free to sign up.
  • Musicians can curate a National SLAM Day gig at their local venue.
  • Gig-goers can celebrate live music and local musicians in their own neighbourhood.
  • Community groups can host their own National SLAM Day gig.

Click here to download the National Slam Day Poster.